Answering Services

Answering Services

Answering services from American Help Desk are available 24/7/365 and designed to fit your specific call answering needs.

Answering Services Support Agents:

Our Answering Services support team is comprised of highly-qualified and experienced support agents, enabling us to offer consistent and reliable answering services that are designed to meet our client’s needs and the needs of their end-users. Our experienced team of support agents is live, on-call and always available, 24/7/365.

Answering Services Designed to Fit Your Needs:
American Help Desk does not believe in a one size fits all approach when it comes to call answering services. We believe that matching our client’s unique requirements is the best approach. Our service delivery specialists work with each client to set and follow specific guidelines for support including branded support greetings, customized greeting menu, hold music, language support and call handling options including connecting, transfers, personalized scripts/FAQ’s, escalations, ticketing/messaging and more.

Answering Services Available from American Help Desk:

  • Inbound Call Answering
  • Messaging / Ticketing
  • Cell Phone Forwarding / Answering
  • Bilingual and Multilingual Answering
  • Answering for Calls / Emails / Chat
  • Call Answering / Forwarding to Field Agents
  • Medical Answering, including overflow and after hours
  • Answering for Legal Firms / Law Offices / Attorneys
  • Answering for Schools / Universities / Student Services
  • Answering for Real Estate Offices / Professionals, including messaging

Answering Services – Facilities:
American Help Desk operates a 24/7 call center, with dedicated and shared Answering Services, including messaging/ticketing. Our Answering Services support staff includes bilingual agents and agents with diverse backgrounds, qualifications and experience.

Answering Services, Pricing and Information Support:
Toll-Free: 1-800-997-0977

For Additional information, as well as, pricing and options, please, contact our sales department:

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