Network Operations Center Managed Helpdesk Services

NOC Service

Network Operations Center Managed Services:
American Help Desk offers a base level network monitoring and transport incident management service, specific to clients and their end-users.

Monitoring and Incident Management of Network Transport
On a 24x7 basis, AHD will continuously ping the remote device public IP. If no response to a ping, our monitoring system is designed to perform a DNS query to obtain any new address (DDNS) and if found, assign that address to the device and continue monitoring. An alert and auto-trouble ticket is generated after 9 minutes if there is no response to multiple pings.

Upon detection of a device, site or transport issues causing alarm, the NOC will:

  • Create a trouble ticket.
  • Provide verbal and/or electronic notification to client/end-user of the outage including: time of outage, scope of outage, and potential outage duration (when possible).
  • Conduct diagnostic tests to isolate communication failures to include, but not limited to:
    • Isolate cause of outage; transport, device or site.
    • If the NOC determines a problem is with the primary transport connection, the NOC will:
      • Check to see if the back-up, secondary link has established connectivity. If not, the NOC will notify client/end-user.
      • Open a Ticket with the transport provider to initiate repair actions
      • Assist in the repair as required by the transport provider (testing, checking interface status)
      • Escalate to appropriate technical and/or management chain, including client/end-user and transport provider, if problem is not resolved within specified time periods
      • Once notified of repair of the transport, the NOC will test for NMS visibility, run diagnostic tests to verify stability, and verify with client/end-user that applications are up and running before closing ticket. If monitoring is required, the NOC will keep the ticket open until satisfied that network is stable.
      • Notify the client/end-user that the transport problem is repaired
      • Close ticket, noting the date and time closed, problem resolution description, and the current status
    • If the NOC determines a problem with a device, the NOC will:
      • Open a trouble ticket
      • Notify client/end-user
      • Once notified by client/end-user that the device problem is repaired, the NOC will close ticket, noting the date and time closed problem resolution description, and the current status.
    • If the NOC determines a problem is with a site, the NOC will:
      • Open a trouble ticket
      • Notify client/end-user
      • Once notified by client/end-user that the site problem is repaired, the NOC will close ticket, noting the date and time closed problem resolution description, and the current status.

Network Documentation
AHD NOC will:

  • Maintain a listing of site information, which includes site, device, and connection records for all managed sites
  • Maintain client/end-user specific Operational Procedures
  • Maintain client/end-user specific Notification and Escalation Procedures

Reporting Via WEB Portal
AHD will provide to client/end-user direct access to the AHD secure web portal. The AHD secure web portal is the primary vehicle for information pertaining to the contracted services. Client/end-user will have access to:

  • Near real-time visibility into the status of their IT infrastructure
  • Mapper (a live status of the network from a geographical map perspective)
  • High-level view to ticket status with site drill down capabilities by location for immediate view on your networks health
  • Ticketing details of each open ticket
  • Monthly ticket based reports
  • Near real-time and historical network information

Client/End-User Portal Access: Client/end-user will receive a separate login and password for access to this system, which will include:

Monthly Reports: Client/end-user will receive monthly reports, made available via the client/end-user web portal. These reports are generated (as .pdfs) and are posted during the first week of the month for the previous month. Client/end-user is responsible for archival and storage of these reports for future trending purposes. They include trouble ticket reporting that provides status on trouble tickets and availability report detail on the overall network, transport availability on the client/end-user network(s).

Trouble Ticket Reports:

  • Trouble Ticket Summary Report
  • Ticket Cycle Time Report
  • Hard down Summary Report
  • Reason for Outage Report

Availability Reports:

  • Transport Availability Report

Trouble Ticket Queries: An active network map broken out by state, enables client/end-user to view open tickets and status;

  • See all open or closed cases

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