Medical Helpdesk Services

Medical Help Desk Services

American Help Desk provides dedicated Help desk services for hospitals, medical centers, health clinics and private doctor's practices nationwide.

For individuals who dedicate their time to assisting patients, whether the situation is critical or a simple yearly check-up, access to sensitive information and efficiency of response are key elements.

American Help Desk operates a 24/7 call center divided into dedicated teams of customer support and technical support personnel and managed by team leaders who ensure efficiency and quality of care.

Technical Support for Health Care Professionals

Over the last few years, computers have helped create a more productive and efficient environment for all areas of health care. From hospitals to private practices, more and more doctor's, nurses and administrators rely on computers to store, retrieve, update and transfer information, as well as using specialized proprietary software programs as a reference or knowledge base.

In addition, computers, connected by a locally shared network or by the internet, have enabled medical professionals to share sensitive information such as medical records, patient's history, x-rays and scans, and even audio and video files.

Without a doubt computers have improved productivity and efficiency in the medical field. They have become and invaluable tool for medical professionals everywhere.

In fact, computers are now so interwoven into the daily operations of hospitals and other medical care facilities, that their use has become essential to managing nearly all areas of health care from records to accounting, making their reliability and ease of use mandatory.

Medical Help desk Services provide a real sense of security by ensuring that any technical questions that arise at any time of the day or night are answered promptly and efficiently; any assistance needed in operating any aspect of a computer, whether hardware or software related will be provided regardless of the scope of the problem; and, any critical situations that arise will be met with a swift and accurate solution.

Why Us?

  • 24/7 Medical Help desk Services
  • Customized Call Center Solutions tailored to your needs
  • Information access
  • Easy access to experts
  • Allows faster and more efficient resolutions
  • Responsive service at various levels
  • Fine-tune offerings to specific individuals
  • Facilitates support around the clock in any geographical area
  • Outsourcing this business expense offers a tax-friendly alternative
  • Calls always answered by human operators
  • Reduced hold time
  • Reduced queue wait time
  • Improved call handling time
  • Customer provided options

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