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Client Success Manager

Our Client Success Manager, also known as a CSM, acts as a bridge between the AHD customer and the customer’s client or client base. This is available as an add-on or individual service and includes a strategic relationship between the client and CSM. American Help Desk offers CSM Solutions with the experience, convenience and efficiency of an established leader.

Benefits of CSM SOLUTION:
The goal of the Client Success Manager is to help solidify the client’s alliance with their customer and ensure higher customer retention rates by working together with all parties to improve outcomes and create long lasting relationships based on consistent delivery and reliability of service.

CSM Services Include:

  • Client Ticket Oversight
  • Monthly Ticket Report and Performance Review
  • Monthly Conference Call with Client
  • Client Services Ongoing Analysis
  • Communicate Client Specific Issues with Customer
  • Interface with AHD Team Leadership

Client Success Manager Services, Pricing and Information Support:
Toll-Free: 1-800-997-0977

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